Faces of the Saratoga Race Course

Saratoga Race Course People | Reid Burchell Photography

Going to the races to watch and bet on the horses is obviously one of the main attractions of the Saratoga Race Course, but many I talk to attend to observe a different demographic: the people themselves. After all, even on a full day, the races only take about 30 minutes total, leaving all those hours to sit, eat, drink, smoke, talk, or whatever your pleasure.

I have to agree that watching the wide display of personalities that visit the track each week is one of the primary draws for me personally. Some blend in the with crowd, while others stand out with bright colors, hilarious hats, and general revelry.

The employees that work at the track make for many great photo ops as well, often out of the limelight of the standard finish line and winner's circle photos. This post covers few of my favorite individuals seen at the track over the years.