Shelving Rock Mountain & Falls

Over the last 15 years, I've made many trips throughout the Adirondacks on various hiking excursions. Consistently, one of my favorite locations to visit was Shelving Rock Mountain and Falls near Lake George.

The unique combination of the spectacular view of the lake from the mountain and access to the secluded waterfalls and Log Bay from the same parking location is quite unique. The parking lot is situated about 9 miles off of Route 149, 6 of which are on unpaved road. The road is narrow but generally well kept.


The hike to the Shelving Rock Mountain summit is only about 1.5-2 miles and follows along an old carriage path with numerous switchbacks. This makes the hike quite manageable even for inexperienced hikers. While the view from the summit is stunning in its own right, frequent visitors know that the most unobstructed view of the lake can be found about 100 yards down the other side of the mountain on a large rock plateau. Sit down, relax, dig in to some trail mix or sandwiches and enjoy the view.

Panoramic View of Lake George

The Sagamore Hotel from Shelving Rock Mountain (Infrared)

I tend to hike the mountain trail first, but the path past Shelving Rock Falls to Log Bay is equally rewarding. The trail starts at the base of the wooden bridge you crossed on the way to the mountain trailhead about 250 yards back up the road. The falls are only about .5 mile along the relatively flat but rocky trail. When the water is high, the falls are a sight to see and the wading pool at their base is good for a refreshing (but chilly) swim.


If you continue along the trail for around another mile, you will arrive at the shallow warm water of Log Bay, where dozens of motorboats will drop anchor for a relaxing afternoon. This is another great location to rest and have a picnic lunch.

Log Bay Lake George | Reid Burchell Photography

There are lot more interesting little details about both hikes I have omitted, but I encourage you to swing by Shelving Rock next time you're in the Lake George area for a truly rewarding day with nature.